Monday, November 10, 2008

Kindle Textbooks Scare the Hell Out of Textbook Publishers

Hey Everyone, Of course this all depends on if Kindle can provide enough college textbooks that are done in a Kindle friendly format. Now, If they do manage to do all this without any glitches,you can begin to see why,a lot of these publishers of College textbooks are biting there nails right now.

From the days I was attending college at Redrocks,I remember all to well,having to haul around a bunch of texts books " and gosh forbid I should lose one $$!" Anyway, I still have a screwed up shoulder which I conclude came from all that running around from class to class. " It's definitly, a much better time to grow up now than it was back then" IMHO!

Today, you have some pretty tech savy kids who are getting sick of having to pay the outrageous price on textbooks, and finding other means to get what they need. ( although some of these means may not be all together legal) For example: Scanning a textbook and placing them on bittorrents in mass amounts.

At the time of this post, there are plenty of angry proffessors that are seeking legal action to put a stop to these torrents. "How far they will actually get with that,leaves something to be desired."

Well, that's it for me right now...I plan on staying on the legal side of things "Karma and all" besides that at least I don't have to worry to much about my sons future with textbooks he's a "legal Begal himself" I'm proud to say. One thing I definitely know is he won't have a trick shoulder like his old man! I thank god technology has finally caught up for his generation.

Kindle Textbooks to Browse Through

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Free Kindle Books-Where to Find Them


I Know a lot of you may be newbies,when it comes down to finding down loadable ebooks for your new Kindle. So, I did a little digging for ya,and found a pretty cool site where I guess this guy took a bunch of the classics in literature and some modern stuff and converted them to be down loadable on to your Kindle "Pretty Cool Stuff"

Anyway,I just got done downloading Beowulf and it's great!! Hope you all enjoy these!

Free Kindle Books

Monday, November 3, 2008

Best Price on Kindle-$100 Less Without the Wait

Here, I'll just share my thoughts on a few aspects of the new Amazon Kindle. Also, follow any of the links below and discover an overlooked place that might interest you if you want to find out the Best Price on Kindle-$100 less and Without the Wait!

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Functionality : Apart from the small point made above, I can't find any issues regarding this. Even though it's the first of its kind, the is extremely functional, and comes with a long life battery that you'll need to charge only every 48 Hrs, more or less.

Features : Nothing short of fantastic ! Excellent readability, completely wireless, the Amazon Kindle gives you access to a variety of ever changing books and information of all sorts from any place in the world !

Well, these are just some thoughts on this amazing device. Hope they've been useful for you once you start looking where to buy Kindle and get the best Kindle deal, of course ! :-) .

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